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2011/12 performed multiple revitalizations at Red Dog Mine, Camp and Port. Among the projects MAK3 Construction, LLC, completed were 4 multiple men’s and women’s bathrooms to include demolition and installation of tile and plumbing on floors, walls, and ceilings. MAK3 Construction, LLC, completely remodeled 4 administrative offices, and also replaced 276 new vinyl windows and installed to include all electrical and cable hookups on 348 newly purchased television sets. At the Red Dog Port facilities, MAK3 Construction, LLC, removed water damaged flooring, subflooring, and wall material, from inside walls as needed. Replaced and installed floor drain and necessary piping, insulation, heat trace, etc. Installed new subfloor and underlayment, wall sheeting and RFP, reinstalled T-Grid ceiling, new sheet vinyl flooring, installed new dishwasher, and reinstalled existing counters and dish sinks.

2011 performed the setting and installation of Eni Petroleum’s 124 man camp. This was an extremely challenging project. The project included construction of a three story facility with fourth story penthouse used as weather observations and communication tower. The projects was located on a manmade island approximately 4 miles offshore from Oliktok Point, Alaska. The project started at the end of March, utilizing the ice road for delivery of modules, equipment, and materials. Working through the breakup season required moving of personnel by hover craft between the main land and job site. The project was completed under budget and on schedule with zero safety issues.

2010/11 Installed 50 man camp at Nikaitchuq Operations Center (NOC) for Eni Petroleum. Due to delay in receipt of modules, most of the project was accomplished during artic winter conditions. Modules were received incomplete and damaged. MAK3 accomplished extensive interior work, installed V-Rib insulated panel on the building to include fancy panels on the front of the building. Work included installation of above ground plumbing piping under buildings including heat trace. Installed pipe stitching material between modules, domestic water piping, system interconnection for water lines with boiler room system. Installed electric boiler, HVAC piping, and hydronic heating system with interconnection. Also installed the exterior stairs and landings.

2010 Construction of per-engineered metal maintenance building for MagTec at Prudhoe Bay, North Slope, during November and December. All work was accomplished with zero safety related incidents.

March 2010 Eni Petroleum awarded a firm fixed price contract to MAK3 Construction, LLC, for the construction and erecting of engineered metal building for cool storage at Oliktok Point, Nikaitchuq Onshore Base camp (NOC). Installed transformer, electrical heat, interior and exterior lighting.

2009/10 Construction and setup, demob and remob of 144 man camp and 104 man camp for Stallion Oilfield Services.

MAK3 constructed a 144 room camp at BP’s Operation Center (BOC) as a subcontractor to Stallion Oilfield Services. Prior to assembling the 144 and 104 man camp, we were required to make repairs to modules damaged in shipping to Prudhoe Bay. The repairs include upgrading electrical, plumbing and heating to make the modules code compliant.

Supported Stallion Oilfield Services, remodeling remote industrial camps. The work consisted of replacement of windows, carpeting and lighting. As part of the projects all rooms were upgraded with new paneling and the addition of new flat screen televisions.

MAK3 plumbers and carpenters performed all work necessary to demob a 144 man camp off BP leased property on the North Slope. The camp, consisting of 76 separate modules, was moved to the Stallion Oilfield Services’ pad at Deadhorse. The demob was completed: within schedule; zero spills; zero accidents and injuries. Mak3 performed all work and made all alteration at the new location for the integration of the 76 modules with existing facilities as part of the kitchen, dining room and recreation facility.
2009 Replaced all sewer pipes and upgraded electrical panels for the heat trace for Arctic Caribou Inn. Work on the project started in September 2009 and was completed within budget and ahead of schedule with zero adverse impact on the customer’s operation.

2008/09 Worked on the construction of the new three story, 327 room Aurora Hotel at Prudhoe Bay for Ice Services. The projects is especially noteworthy since less that 60 days after the start of the project, Aurora Hotel was able to provide much needed bed to 100 North Slope workers.

2008 Constructed seven entryway shelters for ConocoPhillips and completed extensive plumbing and electrical work to convert three single sex bathrooms into 24 unisex bathrooms in C Wing at Kuparuk, North Slope Alaska.

2008 Completed construction of new Class “B” Mobile Water Treatment System and Waste Water Treatment System. This was transported to Prudhoe Bay to support a 64 man arctic camp for Anadarko Petroleum Corp. As a subcontractor to Stallion Oilfield Services, we also completed construction of a Fresh Water and Waste Water Storage System to support a 144 man arctic camp for BP. We retain a steady workforce, with minimal turnover, ensuring our customer realized the economic benefits gained by use of experienced qualified personnel.